Joint LFAR: Energy Security in the Former Soviet Union

Read joint LFAR here: energy-security-fsu.pdf

Authors: Aimee Blanchard, Shelly Downes, Yana Feldman, Linda Popova

With an enormous sigh of relief and satisfaction, I’m happy to announce that I’ve just finished my second intel course. The course focused on written communication in intelligence and explored various reporting formats: INTSUMs (intelligence summaries), SFARs (short form analytical reports), writing under crisis, cable writing, and LFARs (long form analytical reports. The final project for the course was a joint LFAR, which focused on energy security in the Former Soviet Union.

There were four of us, who worked literally day and night for the past couple of weeks to produce this LFAR. I’m incredibly proud and happy with the final product, not least because our team of 4 showed a great work ethic, and collaboration simply seemed to flow. What makes the collaboration even more special is that it was an example of how working virtually has really begun to change our very concept of work and collaborative work in particular: one team member was located in the southwest of the U.S., one on the U.S. east coast, one in Austria, and one in Switzerland. While the U.S. part of the team was taking a rest, the European counterpart took over the shift, with an approx.7-10 hour difference in time, and vice versa.

This has been a great practical experience in virtual collaboration and communication and I would like to thank both my team and the Mercyhurst College Institute for Intelligence Analysis for the opportunity to work on producing something as conservative as an intelligence product in a most creative way.


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