Crisis alerts for Armenia, deteriorating situation in Darfur, conflict resolution opportunity for Cyprus

The new Crisis Watch report was just released, identifying 12 actual or potential conflict situations around the world that deteriorated in February.

Among those is Armenia, where 11 days of protests after allegedly rigged presidential elections have resulted in a violent crackdown, a declared state of emergency and mobilization of the armed forces. 

Timor-Leste saw attacks on the president and prime minister, including the killing of former head of military police, who was himself instrumental in the attack on the president.

Rebel attacks on the Chad capital N’Djamena resulted in the killing of hundreds and the displacement of thousands of people while in Darfur, the Sudanese government attacked three towns and an IDP camp from both ground and air, marking the worst violence in the region in months.

Other places where the situation is reported to have deteriorated are: Cameroon, Comoros Islands, DR Congo, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Israel/Occupied Territories, Philippines, Serbia, and Somalia.

Perhaps contrary to many expectations, the situation in Kosovo is said to have improved since the declaration of independence on 17 February. Power-sharing negotiations in Kenya are giving a glimmer of hope for potential political stabilization. Pakistan’s elections proceeded relatively peacefully, with opposition parties sweeping to power. And in Cyprus, President-elect is committed to engaging in reunification talks with his Turkish-Cypriot counterpart.

Conflict risk alerts for March 2008 point toward Armenia, Comoros Islands and Kenya while Cyprus, Pakistan, Timor-Leste and Uganda are likely to see conflict resolution opportunities.


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